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Welcome to this, our 10th edition of Inside Law; a special edition marking two
years since the often controversial process of Costs Budgeting was introduced

Whatever your Costs Budgeting experience, you’re bound to learn something new here
from our expert contributors. I am as ever, grateful for their invaluable contributions.

Jonathan Wiseman offers an insightful overview of the process on Page 4, whilst on
Page 8, Paul Kay summarises the Headline Caselaw that has helped shape it. Tom
Loia highlights the dangers of attempting to manipulate a budget whilst Peter Jones
urges you to “Think Again”, if you hope to increase your budget after settlement. Costs
Budgeting does not currently apply to Court of Protection, but following a recent judge-
ment, that could be about to change; Sarah Page-Croft has the details on page 16.

We are again fortunate to have excellent contributions from 9 Gough
Square, including one from Tom Goodhead, who offers us his top Tips &
Tricks for Clinical Negligence practitioners engaging in costs management.

R Costings will be attending a number of events throughout the spring and I would urge you to
seek us out and say “hello”, should you get the opportunity. One such event will be LegalEx on
the 13-14th May at ExCel in London, where we will not only exhibiting, but Jonathan Wiseman
will also be presenting an overview of the Costs Budgeting process and its impact on costs re-
covery. There are details on the back cover as to how you can secure free tickets to this event.

We hope you enjoy the issue and as always, your feedback is very welcome. Please
send your comments to or alternatively, visit our website at and we will be happy to assist with any costs issues that you may have.

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