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Peter Jones

       Peter is a Costs Lawyer and Manages
       the Costs Department at R Costings.

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Either of these figures can be requested in an Application for an Interim Costs Certificate as it will not
prejudice any position with regard to offers made in Detailed Assessment proceedings.

In relation to the former, again, reference is made to the Mars UK Limited case above, whereby
Jacob J’s approach was that two-thirds of the figure the receiving party would be likely to recover
was awarded.

Therefore, procedurally, it is advisable to work out what the Bill of Costs is likely to be worth and
thereafter apply for 65% of that amount. However in Thomas Pink v Victoria’s Secret (2014) EWHC
3258 (CH) 90% of the agreed budget was awarded as a Payment on Account of costs, so clearly
if a Precedent H budget has been prepared, then it is suggested that this should be used to it’s full

It is not yet clear whether this case will be followed, but it is hopefully an indication that not only can
the budgeting process negate the Detailed Assessment process, but can also result in large Payments
on Account for receiving parties.

R Costings Limited routinely make Applications for both Payments on Account and Interim Costs
Certificate with resounding success across all Courts nationwide. Should you wish to discuss this matter
further, please do not hesitate to contact the writer, Peter Jones, Costs Manager on 01480 463499.

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