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Welcome to Inside Law Paul Kay’s ‘Jackson Tour’ Paul Kay Costs Draftsman I welcome you to our latest edition of Inside Law, the content of which I trust you will enjoy. I would like to thank all contributors to this edition who are all leaders in their chosen areas. There have been many changes recently within the industry and the articles that have gone to press I hope you will find of benefit. As I write, the telephone is constantly ringing with clients wishing for costs budgets to be prepared in the new Precedent H format. A word of warning, if these are not submitted and filed in a timely manner the risk of recovering no costs and court fees only looms over you. When these budgets are diarised within your case management software, please instruct your Costs Draftsman in plenty of time so that firstly, these are not rushed and secondly justice can be done to the case in question. Interestingly CPR 44.3 (a) to (g) remains albeit now 44.4 (3) (a) to (h). Please give this tool serious consideration when agreeing hourly rates with your client at the outset and at stages throughout the duration of the proceedings. As the Jackson era unfolds, Inside Law and R Costings will be working closely as ever with yourselves to address and resolve issues that may be encountered. Please visit website or alternatively visit out blog at We will keep you appraised regularly. Paul Reason Costs Lawyer and Managing Director. 2 R Costings Law Costs Draftsman Paul Kay has been in much demand as he offered practical information and advice to colleagues and clients alike, during the months leading up to “J- Day”. He kicked off his ‘Jackson Tour’ by attending the offices of many of our solicitor clients across the country giving a presentation outlining the key elements of the ‘Jackson Era’ reforms, providing detailed practical advice on how to ensure that practitioners are well prepared for the changes and, perhaps most significantly, for the forthcoming Costs Budgeting regime. Paul also spoke as part of a panel including Martin Spencer QC and Master Cook (one of the Queen’s Bench Clinical Negligence Masters) at Pattinson & Brewer’s Justice Forum, a specialist open forum for Practitioners dealing with the 2013 Costs Reforms. Several of Paul’s comments from that forum were subsequently quoted, alongside those of Mr. Spencer QC and Master Cook, in the specialist funding magazine/website Litigation Futures. Subsequently he has given a presentation on how the changes will affect Counsel at a leading London Personal Injury Chambers. Today, Paul’s diary doesn’t look to be getting any less busy, as he looks forward to talking at 9 Gough Square’s Personal Injury Seminar in June, where he will give a brief run through of the changes and a detailed update on recent decisions and developments in the wake of the implementation of the new Costs and Budgeting Regime. If you have any queries for Paul or would like advice on the recent changes, particularly with regards to budgeting, email him at or call 01480 463499 FEEDBACK PAUL HAS RECEIVED DURING HIS “JACKSON TOUR” “Many thanks for your talk today. Really very good. The feedback on your talk has been excellent” Partner – Major National Law Firm “Thank you so much for your presentation on 13th February – I think everyone agreed it was highly informative. I note that you can prepare the initial budget that needs to be filed”…” when should we send the file to you to prepare the initial budget and how do we work together on that?” Partner & Head of Personal Injury Group British Legal Awards Regional Law Firm of The Year “Thank you for the talk, we were aware of many of the changes but it was very useful to have them all drawn together like that” Queen’s Counsel - Leading London Personal Injury Chambers “Thanks for the very informative talk on Friday”…”no doubt we shall catch up on matters soon.” Founding Partner - South Coast Law Firm “Thank you very much indeed for your contribution to the above event. I think the discussion was stimulating and interesting” Clinical Negligence Partner - Leading London Claimant Law Firm