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Community Focus Sports Connections Foundation (SCF) is managed by current and former professio- nal sportsmen who are committed to helping educate children in fun and practical ways, using sport to teach about global citizenship, hardship and poverty that other children face throughout the world. SCF are R Costings’ chosen charity and we are proud to support them and their initiatives such as ProKick and Sporting Wishes. RCostings So, Richard, you travelled to Malawi earlier this year, I understand it was an experience you found particularly moving. Why Malawi, and what are you hoping to achieve there? Richard Malawi is one of the least developed countries in the world, with three-quarters living below the international poverty line, surviving on less than 85 pence per day. Almost half the children under the age of 5 suffer from chronic malnourishment. More than 550,000 children have lost one of both of their parents to HIV and AIDS. However, through all of that the people of Malawi love sport, and we heard of an orphanage that we could partner, and de- velop the country’s first sporting academy. We are in the pro- cess of developing the academy, which will include a feeding programme for the orphans, as well as medical check-ups and well-being education. RCostings Up until now all your initiatives and support have been in the UK, it must be a challenge for you to begin building support for work on another continent? I saw your posts on Facebook ( and Twitter (@scf4kids) appealing for materials, pens, notebooks, toys for you to deliver on your trip. How else can others help and get involved? Richard The beauty of projects in third world countries is just how much our money can provide for them. The plan is to make the SCF Sports Academy self-sustainable. Howe- ver, the initial few years will take plenty of funding, equi- pment and volunteers - so help in any of those areas would be very welcome! We are taking some volunteers out in May 2014 if anyone reading would be interested? 16 SCF Co-Founder Richard Philp was kind enough to drop by the R Costings office and spend some of his valuable time bringing me up to speed on their latest endeavours. RCostings *Checks Calendar* Another new initiative this year has involved making the ‘Sporting Wishes’ of seriously ill children become a reality. What wishes have you made come true lately? Richard Anyone who recently watched the England v Germany fixture at Wembley stadium will have seen a couple of kids that we had created their “Sporting Wish”. Charlie and Todd, have were both diagnosed with different forms of cancer back in 2008. Charlie, has had an 8lb tumour removed, which had also engulfed one of his kidneys. Now in remission, the future is looking very positive. Todd has Leukaemia, and has al- ready undergone one bone marrow transplant. Sadly in 2012 they found 1 cancer cell, and in December he went back to Bristol Hospital to undergo 3 months of isolation and some pioneering treatment to hopefully save his life. Both boys are massive football fans, so due to our ongoing relationship we have built with The FA over the years, we arranged for them to be players mascots. The feedback from them and their families has been phenomenal. We always try to go that extra mile, and arranged for local TV crews from ITV, Radio Stations and Local Newspapers to interview them, to let them know how special and amazing we feel they are Its kids like this that should be the inspirations to thousands of others. The bravery and courage they show, whilst wearing a beauti- ful smile on their face is remarkable. Our philosophy is that if it was our own child, we would break down walls to bring hap- piness and relief, so that’s how we react on behalf of other parents whose children are fighting for their lives.